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taken characters

Artemis Fowl
Artemis Fowl II (AU1) | [personal profile] eternitycoder
canonpoint: End of The Time Paradox.
AU: A few weeks after the dirtyvegasrp White Light Event
mun name | hmd | app

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy Summers (OC) | [personal profile] whattingawhat
canonpoint:The beginning of Bargaining Part 2
Kristi | hmd | app

Balthazar (OC) | [personal profile] bornofthis
canonpoint: After the end of the movie
Sara | hmd | app

Allen Walker (AU1)| [personal profile] crownglory
canonpoint: The day after her sixteenth birthday
Mikki | hmd | app

Doctor Who
Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor (OC) | [personal profile] handymetacrisis
canonpoint: Right at the end of Journey's End.
meg | hmd | app

Gundam Wing
Duo Maxwell (AU1) | [personal profile] stillshinigami
canonpoint: Mid Canon AU with prev. game canon. AC 199.
Imp | hmd | app

Legion of Superheroes
Brainiac 5 (OC) | [personal profile] brainiac5
canonpoint: Beginning of Man from the Edge of Tomorrow.
Imp | hmd | app

Lions, Tigers, and Bears
Ares (OC) | [personal profile] warriorofthenight
canonpoint: End of volume 2
Imp | hmd | app

Loki Laufeyson (OC) | [personal profile] occupy_asgard
canonpoint: End of Thor (2011 Film)
Serey | hmd | app

Thor Odinson (OC) | [personal profile] coffeemugsmash
canonpoint: Midway through Thor
(the night before his friends appear to tell him his brother lied)
Sara | hmd | app

Steve Rogers (OC) | [personal profile] captaincultureshock
canonpoint: Before the start of The Avengers movie.
Jay | hmd | app

Steve Rogers (AU1) | [personal profile] like_a_gerbil
canonpoint: Just before the Avengers Movie
Selina | hmd | app

Tony Stark (OC) | [personal profile] fe_male
canonpoint: Just after Iron Man 2
jansen | hmd | app

Tony Stark (AU1) | [personal profile] legacyofiron
canonpoint: Just before the Avengers Movie
Heidi | hmd | app

Original Characters
Alec Troven | [personal profile] element_wizard
canonpoint: Just after returning to the wizard's city
after being gone for five years.
Kippur | hmd | app

Crawford Sands | [personal profile] crawfordsands
canonpoint: Just days before his entire life started to go horribly wrong.
Sara | hmd | app

Reynard the Fox Fables
Tybalt the Cat (AU1) | [personal profile] quarrelsomecat
canonpoint: Around 3000 years after the original Fables,
in modern day times, as the legends and fables begin to die
down, and the creatures of the forest adapt to the mortal world
Neo | HMD | App

Sarah Jane Adventures
Sarah Jane Smith (AU1) | [personal profile] steppeduparung
canonpoint: post 1x06 The Lost Boy
Dove | hmd | app

Sherlock Holmes
John Watson (OC) | [personal profile] owesyousomuch
canonpoint: The Reichenbach Fall
Vic | hmd | app

Star Wars
Kale Delvar (OC) | [personal profile] hidden_jedi
canonpoint: Just before Order 66
Kippur| hmd | app

Luke Skywalker| [personal profile] sandwormie
canonpoint: Post-Valley of the Winds
Joysweeper | hmd | app

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The Master (AU1)| [personal profile] ofdrumsthesound
canonpoint: post-EOT
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